Saturday, July 17, 2010

Round 3 in the books

I'm back!  I took a little hiatus from blogging but I'm back.  Look for a fresh new site to be in place soon.  Same URL of

To catch you up.  I am finishing round 3 of P90X + this week.  I ordered Turbo Fire and trying to figure out my hybrid schedule so I can do the intense interval training of TF and mixing in resistance training. 

I completed my transformation video of my first 3 rounds. 

I am very happy with my results and how I feel.  I look forward in continuing my journey of health and fitness by taking it to a new level yet.  The importance of following the nutrition plan is HUGE  It is by far the largest contributing factor in getting great results.

I took a little vacation recently as well.  I had my 20 year high school reunion and then met my family at a lake in MN for 3 days.  My sister just finished her INSANITY challenge and I tested out Max Interval Plyo in the motel fitness room.  We got some looks and I made it through.  I was soaked but it felt good.

Now for my next challenge:  Turbo Fire and mix of some type of weight training.  Stayed tuned for further info.
Turbo Fire- Image
Turbo Fire


  1. I'm a mom to 5 and I'm always trying to keep fit ! I have a great friend who does P90X and has seen tremendous results !! I am still debating as to whether I will invest in it ! I'm a person than counts calories and enjoys walking 2 - 4 miles 4 times per week. I'm glad I stopped by and I'm now your newest follower !!

  2. Your video inspires me. When I have a tough day w/ P90X, I watch this & it reminds me to take it one day at a time and keep pushing play. Thank you for posting it.