Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And in with the new....

Oh, just another day of shopping again for new clothes that actually will fit.  Recall my post on cleaning out my "big" pants out of my drawers at Out with the old.    It has become extremely difficult to find any pants that are the right length AND fit in the waist.   I've gotten to the point where when I find them I jump on it and buy a couple.   It's a little more work but it's definitely worth the benefits of being in shape and feeling great.

Health update:  I have been meaning to get my cholesterol checked for a while now so I can compare how it was before I started P90X.  I finally made it in the other day.  I am going to get my results tomorrow hopefully and will report them here.    Can't wait!   I realized how excited I was when I got my most recent haircut.  As I was leaving, the stylist asked me what I was going to do since I had a little time to myself.  I answered with a cool "get my cholesterol checked".  As soon as I said that I was like "wow, I am one EXCITING guy" :-)

Another Yoga X day coming up for me tomorrow!

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