Monday, May 3, 2010

Out with the old....

Time to clean out the closets even more.  I have a whole stack of pants now that I hopefully will never need to wear again.    Cutting the waist size has been kind of fun and even made going shopping "not torture".  Before I would have to heavily caffeinate myself just to make it a couple hours in the mall.  Now I find myself looking forward to going.  I even get some looks sometimes like they are thinking "really?; 31?"  I take that as a confirmation that a small waist is not exactly the norm in today's society.    Next up is to wipe the closet of the shirts and replacing with an M vs the current L's in there.

I completed Upper Body + again today to start week 2.  I am saving Abs / Core until tomorrow due to time constraints this morning.    Two direction circle flys with only 10 lbs weights is a burner.   Looking forward to tomorrow's Interval X +!


  1. Not just buy smaller size, but something other than khakis!! HA!

  2. I made a huge switch from mostly khakis to gray and black!

  3. I still hate shopping for clothes, but for a different reason now. Only designer stores seem to carry my waist size for jeans/khakis these days! Great problem to have though. LOL!

  4. No kidding Krist. Could have worse problems!