Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3

Another new adventure today.  On the list was Total Body Plus.  I have to admit after going through 2 rounds of P90X I was a little confident that I could handle this pretty well.  I was taken by surprise.  I was breathing pretty heavy towards the end (and during).   The biggest change by far is the speed of the workouts, very few breaks to keep the heart rate up.  A lot of combination moves, some pulled in from the original P90X series.  I don't know what happened but one day all of a sudden I was able to do pull-ups easier.  That part has made it fun to see how many more I can do!  On to tomorrow and back to the ole safety blanket and Yoga X.  Thursday's I have an early 7:00 AM meeting so I usually work out after work but tomorrow I am going to brave it and get up at 5AM and do the first 45 minutes of yoga.  That is what I call early but it will make the rest of the easier and off to a good start.  Here's to getting some rest tonight and pushing myself out of bed.

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