Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's all in the preparation

I went to church service today and the message was "It's all in the preparation".  I found it rather fitting.  It can mean so many different things in our life but one piece for me is starting another 90 days tomorrow.  If we start out with a goal and a good plan, then accomplishing that goal becomes so much easier.  I have been through P90X twice now so I have a real good idea on what to expect.  This time will be a little different though, with even more advanced moves ahead of me. 

This is my gym for the next 90 days:

This week's schedule:
Monday:  Upper Plus and Abs / Core Plus
Tuesday:  Interval X Plus
Wednesday:  Total Body Plus
Thursday:  Yoga X
Friday:  Upper Plus and Abs / Core Plus
Saturday:  Kenpo Cardio Plus
Sunday:  Off

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