Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bunk bed X

I found out today that the completion of the bunk bed project can be tougher than a P90X workout.  As I got to the end, "all I needed" was to tap in the support boards for the mattresses.   Sounds easy enough.  Nothing is ever easy though with projects. The holes didn't line up and the middle was a 1/2" wider than the end.   This is where the fun began.  I had to use my experience with lunges, chair pose and a combination of numerous others complete it.  Squeezing the frame together while my wife pounded in the support boards was quite the workout!  I should have put my heart rate monitor on to see my calorie burn!

I paid a visit to my first Twins game at the new Target Field today.  Perfect day for it.  Started the day off with Kenpo Cardio X and it's infamous high block, knee kick burnouts.  During yesterday's leg and back session I was able to punch out a total of 68 unassisted pull-ups.  Vast improvement from my day 1 back in October.
On to week 6 starting on Monday.

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