Monday, May 24, 2010

Step 6

It's been a few days since my last post.  Busy life activities have gotten in the way. 
A few lessons I was reminded of:
  1. Moving IT equipment for a client and hunching over a small monitor can be more grueling and tiring than a Plyometrics workout.  
  2. Shrek 4 has a great message about appreciating what you have in your life.
  3. The show "Lost" really makes you think.
  4. The grass doesn't stop growing.
  5. When in a hurry, nothing works.
  6. Painting and putting up bunk beds is a lengthy process.  I found it very familiar to P90X when I got to step 6 in the directions tonight before stopping and leaving the rest for tomorrow.  I started with a box and some paint.  Painting was completed and I started putting the frame together.  I ran into a small problem with a screw being stubborn.  I kept at it and was able to fasten it securely, finally.   It resembled  Ab ripper for me.  It's tough at first but after a little patience and determination, Waa laa, presto - all of a sudden I could do the whole DVD.   My presto moment for this project hopefully will be tomorrow.
  7. Before (AKA - lethargic, soft, uninspired)

After (AKA - Feeling better, losing fat)

Week 5 of P90X Plus started today with another episode of Upper Plus.  My pull-ups are starting to go up just a little bit each time.  I'll call that progress!

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