Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man o man a Chevy!

Today was another visit from an 'ole friend, Plyometrics.   Yesterday I talked about my "calorie burst" and today I was reminded of how important nutrition really is.  Unless I was fooling myself and something else stood in my way this morning, the first 10-15 minutes were a little more difficult than usual.   I started to kick it into action and completed the rock star hops like Angus Young,   The last Mary Katherine lunges are the marking point for me that it's down hill from there.   Those are tough!  Especially right after the jump knee tucks.  

I'm catching the last few minutes of the Biggest Loser tonight.  Yes, it's TV and it's dramatic but it's still real.   These are real people changing their lives.  It's fun and motivating to watch.  You don't have to lose 200 lbs to be successful.  I know of someone doing P90X that has lost minimal but is wearing much smaller clothes and feeling great.   You can do the same!  Today is the best time to start changing things for the better!


  1. Tony & I love Biggest Loser! It's a great testament to how a healthy lifestyle can change every aspect of an unhealthy life!

  2. Plyometrics was my FAVORITE workout! For me, it was all downhill after the rock star hops. You're right, those Mary Katherine's are pretty tough!