Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finishing up Week 1

I started today taking my 2 daughters to the Fun Run in town to raise money for the High School cross country team.  I ran the 1.5 mile course with my 5 year old and tried to keep her on pace while my 8 year old ran ahead.  They both did great and really seemed to have fun. 

Then it was time for Kenpo Cardio + and a make up session of the Abs / Core that i missed from yesterday.   I was full of energy getting back from the very casual run and busted out the Kenpo.  I have been moving faster on it and really trying to concentrate on keeping my heart rate up.  I kept it around 155-160 for most of the time.  Once I was done, I was pretty drenched.  The good kind of sweat!  I am feeling great!

Word from the Beachbody Summit that is going on this weekend in Los Angeles:  A new workout called Turbo Fire is set to be released in late May or early June.   It is taking Turbo Jam to the next level.

A brief excerpt from the preview:
"Turbo Fire will feature a combination of intense, lengthier workouts with plyometrics (jumping exercises) and tough cardio interspersed with shorter, more intense workouts called "HIITS", which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These are similar to Turbo Jam Fat Blasters, but shorter and with more plyometrics, greater intensity and shorter breaks. HIITS are brutally tough--they force you to work in your anaerobic zone, and will melt the fat right off you while toning EVERYTHING up.! "
It sounds very intriguing to me!

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