Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday part 2

With today being a holiday it really felt like 2 Sunday's in a row.  But normally I have Sunday off from my P90X + schedule.   Not today.  I took the opportunity to sleep in and then kick off week 6 with Upper Body +.  I then fueled with my large breakfast (see below), killed a little time and then rocked out Abs/core.  My HR monitor said 359 calories burnt for Abs but I don't think that can be right.  I sweat pretty hard during those 22 minutes but I would guess maybe it should be close to 250.  I'll have to wear it again next time and compare. 

I have been using Loseit to track my food from time to time so I have a bench mark of where I am at.  I've heard so many good things about that I thought I better check it out.  It does seem like there are more food items in their database, even Beachbody products.  So far, it does seem slightly better than Loseit.   I don't plan on tracking every single food item every single day but will do it for several days this week.    With the holiday weekend, grilling out, etc.  I took everything in moderation as far as food and beverage.  Felt pretty good, little more sluggish this morning though.  But tonight we had one of my favorite meals that I don't have real often.  Wood fire pizza from Punch Pizza.  It's soooo good.  It's one food that I really really like.  I am finding it hard to track that one on Myfitnesspal. Maybe that's a good thing :-)

Typical snack day for me

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