Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wiped out

Yep, 2 words to define Interval X once again.  The constant non-stop action make this workout a definite calorie burner.  I didn't have my heart rate monitor on today.  I'll have to next time so I can get a good reading on the total calories burned.  I was soaked afterwards.   No picture needed here :-0.

Plyo Lunge:  This really works the legs with the jumping lunges and your arms straight up.  Especially at the end of the workout.  "Wow"!

After work I de-stressed some by doing Abs / Core +.  I am trying to concentrate more on engaging the core muscles and definitely am feeling it.   It is a nice change from Ab Ripper X.  I still hate and love that one.

Up tomorrow:  Total Body Plus

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