Friday, May 7, 2010

Nutrition - calories Nutrition! Caloires!

I was reminded today on the importance of having a great nutrition plan.   Before I started P90X and became serious about my health and fitness, I didn't think I needed to lose any weight.  I wanted to "get fit" or "tone up".  I took the nutrition and the workouts to the next level and the weight and fat started to fall off.  Now I feel like I am at my ideal weight (maybe even a tad light) and want to gain muscle back.  I eat ALL the time with small meals and snacks, holding steady on my weight but still dropping a pound here and there.  Today it became obvious that I need to up my calories even more.  Right now I am at about 2600.  I am going to take it up to about 2800 or 2900 and see if can maintain and build more muscle.  It becomes quite a game of continuous tweaking.   If this was easy, everyone would be ripped and feeling great!

I had been splitting the Upper and Abs / Core workouts the first few times of this round.  Usually doing Upper in the AM and then doing Abs / Core after the work day.  This seems to work well but not if I have something going on after work that day.  I started with abs then moved to Upper and seemed to run out of gas a little bit at the end of Upper.  That was one hint that I might want to look at my caloric intake for the day.

I also decided to test out Shakeology and see what the excitement about the product is.  I ordered a sample months worth.  It could be a good snack or possible meal replacement in my quest to add more good quality calories.

Tomorrow I am planning to replace one of my favs Kenpo Cardio with a run around the lake.  I want to prep one time for next weekend's 5k.  I am curious on what I can do for time.  Should be fun!

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