Sunday, May 9, 2010

Raw foods for Mother's Day

It was my wife's pick today for Mother's day brunch.  Perkins? Olive Garden? $25.00 buffet?  Nope, not her style or mine; the buffet espeically.  All you can eat is not a good thing :-)  Ever hear of no such thing as a free lunch?  "Hey, I paid for it, I am going to eat as much as I can stuff into my mouth!"  Gross.  My stomach hurts just thinking about it. 

We tried a restaurant in Uptown Mpls called Ecopolitan.  It is a 100% organic vegan raw restaurant; no dairy, no meat and nothing cooked.   Sounds drastic but it was good.  This is a little far for me to eat just raw foods and vegan but the more I eat healthy, the more I crave it.  Fruits, veggies, mmmm good.  My daughters had the pesto pasta with the noodles made out of zuccini.  My older one liked it but my younger one wasn't loving it.  She did like my wife's flaxseed tostadas though and the smoothie and the dessert. 

The dessert we had came out looking HUGE.  Usually that would be about 8,000 calories but this was made up of strawberries, dates and bananas mostly.  Can't feel too bad about that and it was GOOOOOD!

I got up early today to fit in Tony's Fountain of Youth yoga from his One on One series.  It is shorter than Yoga X and is nice in a pinch for time.  Still a great yoga session.

On to week 3 tomorrow.

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  1. WOW that sounds and looks AWESOME!! We have a little vegan restaurant called Spiral Diner in Fort is amazing! It is not all raw but is wonderful! I have to agree fruits and veggies are delish!